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Global Network Immersion Week

a student from Renmin holds her "Certificate of Accomplishment" for participating in the IE week of the Global Network for Advanced Management program

A Renmin student holds her “Certificate of Accomplishment” from IE’s Global Network Immersion Week

IE Business School recently hosted students from Yale SOM, Renmin University School of Business, and FGV Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo as part of Global Network Immersion Week.

The initiative, newly launched by the Global Network for Advanced Management, enables students from member schools to participate in a week-long program hosted at another school.  The theme of the program hosted by IE Business School was “Europe at a Crossroads: Coping with the Crisis, Completing Monetary Union, and Deriving Implications for the World.”

IE Economics Professors including Gayle Allard, Fernando Fernandez, and Gonzalo Garland discussed the origins of the crisis, solutions and implications, as well as the impact of the crisis on doing business in Europe and beyond.

Likewise, 24 IE Business School students spent the week at either Yale (From Madison Avenue to Wall Street: Everything You Need to Know about Behavioral Economics), Renmin (Entrepreneurial Practices in the Emerging Market: A Focus on China’s Cultures, Economic Environment, and Business Models), or FGV (Marketing for Low Income in Latin America.)   Three additional IE students opted to stay in Madrid and be part of the IE Business School Immersion Week.

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