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Greens at Greener Cafe

café con leche at Greener Cafe

café con leche at Greener Cafe

Spanish lunches are great.  During the week, most restaurants in Madrid will offer a fixed (very reasonable) price menú del día, which includes two courses, bread, a drink, and dessert/coffee.  Often, it is the main meal of the day and demands you take the time to actually enjoy the food – a strange thing for those of us accustomed to wolfing down a sandwich over a keyboard.

But, when you simply don’t want a great big (albeit delicious) lunch, head over to the Greener Café, a quick walk from campus on calle Serrano 112 .  In addition to the menu, “Greener” has a salad bar in the back of the restaurant where you pick your base (spinach, lettuce, pasta) and then choose a couple of toppings and dressing (a similar salad making process to “Do Eat” on Maria de Molina.)  Ask for your salad to go or eat it there and end with a nice cup of coffee.

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