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MBA Launch: Starting Something New

MBA students in "Revolutionize Your Space" workshop

MBA students in “Revolutionize Your Space”

The beginning of an MBA program is exciting, no matter the school.  IE Business School begins the MBA (which has two languages and two intakes per year), with “LAUNCH,” an intensive, 7-day module focused on change at a personal level.

LAUNCH groups students into about eight sections of 55+ people (with names like Hemingway, Beethoven, Einstein, etc) to participate together throughout the module in various sessions and workshops, on topics from entrepreneurship and critical thinking to networking and diversity.

The module also focuses on team-building and helping students shift their perspective. In the design thinking session, “Revolutionize Your Space” (with architecture professor Josemaría Churtichaga), the students don white lab coats and design a new product or space.  In the photo above, the students have gathered to present all their ideas and get feedback from the architecture/design professionals.

There are also guest speakers. In the “Journey to the Summit” session, professional alpinist Edurne Pasaban spoke about her experience as the 21st person – and the first woman – to climb all fourteen eight-thousander mountains in the world. As someone who knows what it is like to work in a team under difficult circumstances, Pasaban offered much food for thought regarding leadership and self awareness.

For more details on LAUNCH, check out this new video.

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