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Spaces and Attitudes

Professor Churtichaga at the HUB Madrid

The wrong answer is just looking for a different question. 

— Josemaría de Churtichaga

A renowned Spanish architect, Josemaría de Churtichaga might not be the obvious choice to teach business students, but this is exactly where his value lies in the MBA curriculum.

In addition to his role as the Associate Dean at IE’s School of Architecture and Design, Josemaría heads up the design thinking workshop, which helps students shift perspectives by thinking like an architect or designer. Check out this video the school made about last year’s design thinking session to see what happens when you put MBAs into white lab coats, and take away their data in exchange for building materials and tape.

The above photo was taken at the HUB Madrid, where Josemaría and his team turned an old garage into a collaborative space that inspires creativity and innovation.  Read and see how they did that here.

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