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Tales of Immersion

Students get to do a lot of interesting things during their MBA, especially with electives.   This third term, a group of very happy MBAs took part in the Emzingo Fellowship program and had the opportunity to go to Johannesburg, South Africa or Lima, Peru for six weeks to work on the ground in pairs with local NGOs.  Upon returning, they gave a presentation about that experience to IE faculty, fellow students, and representatives of the South African and Peruvian embassies.  See the people wearing red & white t-shirts in the photo above?  Those are the Emzingo fellows, and like any good presentation, theirs was filled with stories of  culture shock, emotional awakening, leadership development, and realized career aspirations.

Raymond Fung was one of the students who went to Johannesburg.  Check out this blog post he wrote for The Independent about what he did there with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.

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